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McClellan High School

A Brief History

A Brief History

McClellan High School was established in 1988.  The name, “McClellan Continuation High School” was suggested because McClellan Air Force Base was the largest employer in the area, and a large segment of the community was composed of Air Force personnel at the time.  The school board thought that the base could be a connection for students.  It was originally suggested that the Air Force motto of “Aim High” be adopted as the school motto, and that a falcon or Air Force planes be the school’s mascot.  On August 17, 1988, the Center Unified School District Board approved the name, “McClellan High School”.
The school opened in the 1988-1989 school year, and was originally housed in the St. Andrew’s Church building at 7850 Watt Avenue.  In the 1990-1991 school year, McClellan High School moved to 8340 Watt Avenue, the current location of the district offices.  For the 1994-1995 year, the school was moved to its current location. 
The facility at 8725 Watt Avenue was originally built as an elementary school in 1960.  It has also served as a high school, a junior high, and as the district offices before being designated as McClellan High School in 1994.
Picture of McClellan High School as seen from Watt Avenue
Contact Us

Contact Us

Center Joint Unified School District
8725 Watt Avenue, Antelope, CA 95843
Telephone: (916) 338-6440
FAX: (916) 338-7535
District Office: (916) 338-6400
School Colors: Green, Black, & White
School Mascot: Eagle