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 Mrs. Jones
Mrs. Jones
Attendance Secretary
Parents/guardians should notify the office when their child is absent from school.  Uncleared absences will automatically revert to unexcused absences within 2 days.  Students who are absent are required, upon their return, to collect and complete make up work for all classes missed.  
Steps to Follow When Absent
1.  Parent/guardian calls the school at 338-6440 within 48 hours (we have a 24 hour answering machine for your convenience), or 
2.  Email Mrs. Jones at, or
3.  Upon return to school, parent/guardian writes a note explaining the absence and student turns note into the office.  An absence note 
      must contain the following information:  
         a.  Student's name
         b.  Date of absence
         c.  Reason for absence
         d.  Parent/guardian signature