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Parents/guardians should notify the office when their child is absent from school.  Uncleared absences will automatically change to unexcused absences within 2 days.  Students who are absent are required, upon their return, to collect and complete make up work for all classes missed.
Steps to Follow When Absent

Steps to Follow When Absent

1.  Parent/guardian calls the school at 338-6440 within 48 hours (we have a 24 hour answering machine for your convenience), or 
2.  Email Mrs. Jones at, or
3.  Upon return to school, parent/guardian writes a note explaining the absence and student turns note into the office.  An absence note 
      must contain the following information:  
         a.  Student's name
         b.  Date of absence
         c.  Reason for absence
         d.  Parent/guardian signature
excused absences

excused absences

  • Personal illness – The school has the right to request a doctor’s certification at any time to excuse an illness. A doctor’s certification is always required after 14 days of absences due to illness within a school year.
  • Death of an immediate family member, one (1) day in state, three (3) days out of state.
  • Serious illness of a member of the family, which necessitates the absence of the student.
  • Justifiable personal reason, including but not limited to personal medical or dental appointments, an appearance in court, observance of a holiday or ceremony of his/her religion.  Students who miss school due to a medical or dental appointment must bring a note from the doctor to the office upon returning to school.
Unexcused absences

Unexcused absences

Ed. Code 48260:  Any student subject to compulsory full time education, who is absent without valid excuse more than three days in one school year is a truant and shall be reported to an attendance supervisor.  
Ed. Code 48261:  Any student who has been reported as truant and is again absent from school without valid excuse one or more days, or tardy on one or more days, shall again be reported as truant.  
Ed. Code 48262:  Any pupil is deemed a habitual truant who has been reported as a truant three or more times per school year.  Classification as a habitual truant may result in referral to the School Attendance Review Board (SARB).  
Any student who receives more than 5 unexcused absences, days of suspension, and/or truancies in a class during a six-week grading period will automatically fail that class.  Students will have the opportunity to work with staff members to make up seat time and assignments to avoid failing a class.