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MHS Phone and Voicemail Information

DO NOT MOVE PHONES FROM ANY ROOMS/OFFICES.  Each phone is programmed with its specific location for 911 emergency response.
***This information applies to the new phones installed district wide in January 2021.  If your phone does NOT have a digital screen, contact your site admin, secretary or technician to get one installed.

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  • Every phone has a new 3 digit extension that is unrelated to the previous extension or the room number.
  • There are 4 customizable speed dial buttons on the right side of the screen that can be programmed to call other phones in the school, the district or even outside.
  • Voice mail messages can be set to be delivered to your email.  Contact Ron B. to set this up (it is very easy).
  • Phone Directory:  The phones have 4 built in directories of extensions.  Local = the school, Global = the district, System = currently blank, Personal = your custom contacts.  If your name is not displayed correctly on the directory, contact Ron B. to correct it.
  • You can call anyone in the school using only the 3 digit extension.
  • You can call anyone in the district using their 2 digit site code with the 3 digit extension.  See table below for site codes.
  • Calling outside:  No need to dial a 1 for long distance or a 9 for outside line (If you do, the phone ignores it).  If the number is in 916, then you can skip the area code also.  Area codes are only needed when calling beyond 916.
  • Headsets:  You can connect your own headset to these phones via the USB port or the old style phone plug (RJ9).  See list of compatible headsets here.
  • The phones have a screensaver setting, custom date/time displays and the screen brightness can be adjusted.
  • There are 11 different ringtone settings.
  • Park 1, Park 2, Park 3 - think of these as short term hold.  If you put them there, they have to be picked up by someone soon or they bounce back to your phone.
  • The phones have a number of options and features.  Explore them and customize!


  1. You can only send PDF.  So save your Word/Google document as a PDF.  Or you can print it and scan it to yourself through the copier to create a PDF.
  2. If you created the PDF by scanning it to your email, then you must open the email and save the attachd PDF to your computer - usually the Downloads folder.
  3. Go here and log in with your phone extension and password:
  4. In the top left, click the drop down and choose Fax
  5. Click Browse and go to the PDF you created earlier (usually the Downloads folder)
  6. Click ok.
  7. Type in the fax number - area code and number only.  NO dots, dashes or parenthesis!
  8. Click Upload.
  9. The fax will show in the area below.  
  10. Click Send.  
Table of Site Codes
Site Code
Center Adult School 19
CHS 12
District Office 10
District Office Annex 11
Dudley 15
MHS & Preschool 13
North Country 16
Oak Hill 17
Spinelli 18
WCR 14